Picton and Wilton Anglican Churches

Roster Role: P930 Zoom Host

1. Appoint a few other co-hosts who can help you throughout the meeting to stay on top of things

2. Admit people into the meeting - greet them and ensure they are comfortable using zoom and knowing what's going on.  If possible rename people to their actual name if they come in as 'iPad' or '0246308888' or something else vague.

3. The service leader should share an order of service with you beforehand so that you know what's going on.  They will lead the service etc... and you just provide support to what's happening.

4. 'Spotlight' people who are reading / praying during the service so that everyone sees them clearly.

5.  Where necessary mute people who are making noise accidentally - and occasionally explain the etiquette of keeping mics off unless intending to speak.

6. Share any content that needs sharing (sermon, pre-recorded songs etc...) using the share screen function.

7. Send people into breakout groups after the service.  If you want to / need to leave then make sure you hand over the 'host' role to someone else first.