Picton and Wilton Anglican Churches

Roster Role: W5 Zoom Host

1. Appoint all other Breakout group Leaders as co-hosts as soon as they come into the meeting (it's a good idea to have the list of Leaders / co-hosts written down next to you).

2. After Church has started, begin arranging everyone into breakout groups - ensure there is a breakout group leader, try to get a good mix and variety of people in groups and take into consideration people's requests where possible.

3. Open the Breakout groups after the service leader tells you to - and then bring the breakout groups back after a set amount of time (ideally set the time in the break-out group options before they start).

4. Send people into breakout groups after the service.  If you want to / need to leave then make sure you hand over the 'host' role to someone else first.